Taber McBee is a formerly homeless individual who has been working with the Ashland Community Resource Center (ACRC). Thanks to the joint efforts of Taber and the ACRC, he is now housed and is working as a dishwasher at Caldera.

About Ashland Job Match

Ashland Job Match is a program put on through the Ashland Community Resource Center. This program connects low-income and homeless individuals in the community with businesses and individuals looking for hard workers. This helps to create opportunities for individuals who may not otherwise have had any. It provides people with work experience to build their resume and obtain employment references; this will help them secure a more stable job position in the future.

Ashland Job Match gives the community a chance to provide struggling individuals with a “hand-up” rather than a “hand-out”. Ashland Job Match personally screens each individual that is looking for work and matches them with the available job position. The Jobs Specialist through Ashland Job Match is the only person who can see the job posting, and they will be responsible for matching an individual to the open position. This ensures that employers’ information will remain confidential, and they will receive an employee matched to their needs.

Find a Job

Are you a low-income or homeless individual in Ashland, Oregon? Do you have difficulties finding employment because of your current situation? Ashland Job Match may be able to help you! Fill out the form “Find a Job”. You will then be contacted by Ashland Job Match to meet in person and to make sure you have everything you need to obtain employment. Ashland Job Match will even help individuals obtain identification, secure communication, and get any other resources that the individual may need for employment.

Find a Helper

Community members looking for landscaping work, help moving, or other various types of work can fill out the form “Post a Job”. Additionally, other businesses in the community who are looking for reliable workers may also fill out this form and an employee will be matched to their organization’s needs. The information posted at Ashland Job Match will remain confidential and will not be visible to the public. Communication will initially occur between the employer and the Job Specialist at Ashland Job Match. Contact information can be found below for the Job Specialist.