Ashland Job Match connects hard workers with jobs. Run through the Ashland Community Resource Center, it creates opportunities for individuals who may be experiencing homelessness or unemployment in our area.
Win. Win.
By using Ashland Job Match, you’ll find the extra hands that will make your life easier. Your project or job will get the eager attention it deserves, and an individual in need will continue to build a resume of valuable job experience with references to boot. It’s quite simply, win, win.
How does it work?
Sign up.
Once you’ve set up an account using the application on this website, you’ll be able to post a job listing. All information you provide is confidential and hidden from public view.
A specialist matches your job with a worker
A Job Match specialist will contact you. Individuals looking for work are carefully screened before they are matched with an available position. The Jobs Specialist is the only person who can see the job posting, and they are responsible for matching an individual to the open position. This ensures that your information remains confidential throughout the process.